“New York Journal of Books has been fortunate to count Edith G. Tolchin as one of its distinguished reviewers since 2018. She brings the keen sensibility and intelligence of an accomplished memoirist to each expertly crafted and insightful book review. And, she modulates her beautiful writing so that it is pitch perfect whether reviewing a major celebrity memoir or a poignant one by a person less known conveying singular circumstance. Book reviews are read both for guidance in choosing a book or simply to learn something about the subject of a book and key takeaways. Ms. Tolchin always succeeds in conveying all of this. Sometimes this leads to reading a book you hadn’t planned to pick up.”

-- Ted Sturtz, Founder and Managing Partner, New York Journal of Books, (https://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/)

“Edie is an experienced writer who thinks like a reader. Her work has accuracy, empathy, humor, and the kind of conversational tone that makes you feel like you're sitting at a table with her.

She is serious about deadlines and open to fine-tuning in her consistent quest for an optimal result. Although she has been writing for decades, she is easy to work with and excited about collaborating.“

-- Reid Creager, Editor-in-chief, Inventors Digest, (https://www.inventorsdigest.com/)

“Edith G. Tolchin was instrumental in the preparation of the revised edition of my novel, Shavlan. Her assistance in editing and finding certain inconsistencies in the novel was extremely helpful. She brings to the table much knowledge and understanding based on her many accomplishments and life experiences, which she has used as fodder in her most recent, published novel, Fanny on Fire.  It has been a pleasure knowing Edie Tolchin.”

-- Eunice Scherr Blecker, author of Shavlan, (https://amzn.to/36IM0T8)

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Edith for many years. She edited the chapter I submitted for Secrets of Successful Inventing, she interviewed me and featured my work in a trade magazine article, and we’ve worked together on presentations for some trade shows. She’s a very intelligent and creative professional who has helped me develop in many ways throughout my career."

-- Josh Wallace, (https://joshwallace.com/)

"We at Square One Publishers had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tolchin when she served as the editor on our book, Secrets of Successful Inventing. Bringing together within one book the various views and experiences of fifteen of her fellow invention experts and entrepreneurs was something that Edie did for us with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of elan. We recommend her work very highly—and we also recommend that you check out her other great and very funny book, Fanny on Fire. It's a hoot!"

-- Anthony Pomes, VP-Marketing/PR/Rights, Square One Publishers, (http://squareonepublishers.com/)

“I’ve worked with Edith G. Tolchin for many years. We worked together on Sourcing Smarts, and I contributed to her book, Secrets of Successful Inventing. I’ve also written 15 other books and was a columnist for Entrepreneur. I’ve always found that Edie’s editing and writing skills were at the same level as the top editors in the industry.”

-- Don Debelak, (http://www.onestopinventionshop.net/)